About Bradley Smoker

It is five years since the Bradley Smoker first arrived in New Zealand. From small beginnings, Bradley Smokers are now recognised as the smoker of choice for users with a wide range of food smoking specialist interests.

Interest in cooking and entertaining outdoors has risen significantly over those years. If we look to the origins of the Bradley Smoker -to the Canadian west coast province of British Columbia, home of Bradley Technologies, it is the North American tradition of smoke barbecuing that first brought the Bradley Smoker to the market. Barbecue meals with the flavour of smoke are commonplace throughout North America. The Bradley Smoker took smoke barbecuing to a new level by bringing control, convenience and repeatability to what had always been an ‘out in the garden’ affair.

However, for the sake of a smoking pun, in New Zealand, our love affair with barbecuing runs hot and cold! Are we to be convinced that, this summer we will be eating outdoors at every opportunity? Would we do so more often now that we are equipped with a barbecue smoker as good as the Bradley Smoker? Well we might, and perhaps we should, but we need not allow our enthusiasm for outdoor entertaining to dictate our ownership of a Bradley Smoker. For in New Zealand, the range of uses and users of Bradley Smokers have proved to be many and various. From smoked fish on the beach, traditional cold smoked salmon, through smoked meats: bacon ham and more adventurous excursions into smoked game, Plus of course smoked cheese, as well as exciting new recipes for smoked vegetables and even fruit!

The Bradley Smoker is truly a smoker for all seasons, and it has hit a chord with all those specialist users who ever wanted a simple and reliable way to smoke food. Take a look at the specialist users listed to the right. But as is often the case a specialist user in one field, may be an occasional user in another area. If you thought you needed a Bradley Smoker because you cure your own bacon, there is nothing to stop you creating a home smoked Turkey for Christmas, and for casual summer barbecues the Bradley will produce quick and spectacular results.

Deer Stalker

Whether you choose to smoke the prime cuts or the larger joints, smoked venison is one of the finest delicacies available including salami’s and jerky.

Sausage Maker

Home sausage making is very much on the up. if you like your sausages smoked they are usually smoked cold. Its a fast simple and reliable process in the Bradley Smoker.

Pig Producer

Got some pigs? Think bacon sausages and hams. A Bradley Smoker is a must have in order to bring all the delights of rearing pigs to fruition.

BBQ Maniac

There is an entire tradition of barbecuing with smoke that has built up in North America and the Bradley websites are packed with recipes for using the smoker as a barbecue. Your guests will not have tasted anything like it.

Gourmet Chefs

Top of the tree for specialist users of the Bradley Smoker in NZ are gourmet chefs, both at home, and for catering in pubs and restaurants.

Game Fisherman

If you are a keen fisherman or woman, you can take pride in your ability to smoke your own catch. Traditional smoked fish is beyond compare when cold smoked in the Bradley Smoker. Cold Smoked is a dish that it catching on fast in New Zealand Try Smoking Snapper, Kingfish and Marlin with Bradley’s maple bisquettes.


Our Bradley Smoke Generators are an extremely popular choice with butchers who wish to smoke their produce on the premises. Most popularly used for smoking bacon, butchers often choose one of the less well known smoking woods for example apple or cherry. Hams are also smoked successfully on butchers premises in their smokehouse and some butchers are venturing into hot smoked produce for example smoked chicken and pork.

Delicatessans and Farm Shops

As well as on the butchery counter, Bradley Smokers are put to good use smoking a range of more unusual produce such as smoked olives, smoked garlic, smoked chillis and of course smoked cheese.

Game Sportsman

Duck – there is not much that is shot that is not in some way suitable for smoking with the Bradley Smoker. ‘What better to remove the duck breasts from the first drive and to have them smoked in time for lunch!’ so speaks one keeper duly impressed with the performance of his Bradley Smoker.

Bradley Smokers are stocked by many good retailers in New Zealand.