Gourmet Smoked Food

Bradley Smoker welcomes you to the wonderful world of gourmet food smoking. An exciting adventure awaits you, filled with a realm of endless possibilities for delicious food that will have you coming back for more time and time again.

Smoking food has been around for hundreds of years and is a popular and cultural way of preparing food in many countries and cultures around the world. Traditionally, many European methods of smoking food involved using alder but oak and beech is used to a lesser extent today. Woods like hickory, mesquite, alder, oak, maple, pecan are more commonly used in the North American tradition of food smoking, in addition to fruit tree woods like apple, cherry and plum. Our Bradley Smoker bisquettes provide you with a simple way to add rich and savoury flavours to your food either on your BBQ grill or using your Bradley Smoker.

Gourmet Hot & Cold Smoking

There are two methods of smoking called hot and cold smoking. Hot smoking temperatures usually range between 180 and 250°F and is normally used to cook meats or fish. The time needed to hot smoke your food can vary depending on what you are trying to accomplish and the type of food being smoked. Check out our smoker recipes for numerous hot smoking recipes.

Cold smoking is a longer process and is frequently combined with salt-curing with foods like ham, bacon and some methods of fish smoking. The temperatures in a cold smoking process usually range between 60-80°F

Never Smoked Food Before?

The Bradley Smoker is incredibly easy to use and produces flavourful gourmet smoked food. We suggest starting with a meat or fish you love and finding a recipe that suits your taste. We have a great selection of smoker recipes to help you get started.