Campfire Coffee

If you are a coffee fan and are already doing a cold smoke and have some extra space try smoking course ground coffee.


  • 1 lb. medium roast Columbian coffee; freshly coarse ground (use more or less – the amount is up to you)

Materials Needed

  • Cheese cloth


  1. For this you will need to use the “cold smoke setup”, and keep the cabinet temperature below 70 degrees F.
    1. Cold smoking prevents any of the essential oils for leaching out.
    2. If you have jerky racks use them. The smaller grid helps support the cheese cloth better then the regular racks.
  2. Line the bottom of the rack with a couple of layers of cheese cloth, and spread the freshly ground coffee evenly.
  3. Place in smoker and apply 1 – 3 hours of smoke; depending on your particular taste.
  4. Then brew however you usually do.