Citrus Pistachios


This is my favorite Pistachios. Use whatever variety of Pistachio you can fine. The better grade and size, the better. Try to get unsalted and unflavored. Dry Roasted is best.


  • Pistachios
  • Lime Juice
  • Fresh Crushed Sea Salt, Coarse

Type of Wood

  • Maple

Smoke time

  • 2 hours @ 150 to 200 degrees


  1. Load a paper plate of the pistachios, enough that you can hand mix.
  2. Then drizzle a liberal amount of lime juice over the nuts on the plate, and hand mix to coat all the nuts.
  3. Load another paper plate with the fresh coarse sea salt.
  4. Using your hands, move the nuts from the juice plate to the salt place and mix with your hands.
  5. Once your happy with the salt distribution, move the nuts to a Jerky Rack (Jerky Racks work best due to the smaller grid size) if not use an screen on the regular racks to reduce fall out.
  6. Then put the nuts in the smoker and start smoke and temp build up (Try this with a un-wamred smoker first ramping up to temp so you don’t over-roast the nuts) to your target temp.
  7. Let them sit for 2 days, then enjoy.

BTW, this works great with almonds as well.