Berry Smoked Brie or Camembert


• 2 x Brie or Camembert cheese
• ⅔ Cup – Strawberry jam
• ⅓ Cup – Raspberries
• ⅓ Cup – Blackberries
• ¼ Cup – Dry white wine
• 2 Tbsp – Brown sugar
• ½ Tbsp – Chopped fresh thyme
• Almonds (optional)
• Apple or Cherry Bradley wood Bisquettes
• Cedar Plank soaked in water for 1 hour (optional)


1. Preheat your Smoker to 87°C and load with Bisquettes. Remember to fill the water bowl.

2. Mix the strawberry jam and white wine, divide into two equal portions, then add the raspberries to one portion and the blackberries to the other

3. Place both cheeses in a medium baking dish (or on the soaked Cedar plank), sprinkle each one with brown sugar, pour the raspberry mixture on top of one and the blackberry on top of the other, then sprinkle some freshly chopped thyme leaves over both. Add some almonds alongside the cheeses (optional)

4. Place on a smoker rack in your smoker for approximately 40 min

5. Serve with fresh crusty bread